PCS VerticalLift Type

PCS tower-type parking system uses an advanced parking system technology introduced by the company from Japan and made by independent research and development. In the well, you can set automatic lifting and rotating device, with advanced navigation instructions. Without driver’s backing a car , car accessing is convenient and simplꦑe even for a new driver do it at ease The variable voltage variable frequency drive and microcomputer control mode enables the whole parking system to achieve efficient operation with low vibration, low noise, low cost. It can be set with the building, and also can be set separately, combined in harmony 𓆉;with the environment; the optimal characteristic is efficient use of precious land in the cities.


1. With less land occupation but high car capacity, it great💫ly improves land usaꦜge.

2. Arrangement: A flexible layout op𓄧tions for setting on and under the ground. The angle of entrance and parking lot can be 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

3. With 🅷high intelligence, the complete machine is composed of PLC control system and a comp🐷lete set of parking detection and guidance system, security protection system, automatic fire control system, and so on.

4. Intelligent management: keep going straight when parking of taking the car, no need to back in, turn around and other actions; after the vehicle stops at the entrance or exit of the parking system, 🔯person(s) in the car can leave. Docking license plate belong🅘s to the identified system and charge management system function.

5. Security: the system can🐼 automatically identify the person in the parking system. When no one is in, the system can start, safe and reliable, comprehensive monitoring the parking system.

6. Green a🦩nd environmental protection: it can b🦂e designed as a separate steel structure building, and also can be integrated with the building, both practical and beautiful, enhancing the architectural taste and value.

7. Use of touch screen configuration control can comprehensively monitor the ꦗrunning conditions of the parking system.

Standard Product - PCS (within 50 parking spaces / each building)

Features of equipment:

1. About 50 square meters of land can accommoda🌟te 50 vehicles.

2. Drive part uses traction type, and transverse mode adopts rotary hook type of design.

Augmented Product - Super High-rise PCS (exceed 50 parking spaces / each tower)

Unique type and technology:

1. Concreജte structure, efficient use 🌱of land, 50 square meters of land can accommodate 104 vehicles.

2. The lifting speed of high speed can reach 180m/min, and traverse speed can reach 40m/m🤪in🃏.

3. The new record🐲 holder in Chinese ente♉rprises now.

Augmented Product - open-caisson PCS

Unique type and technology:

1. Use ope♎n-caisson type pr𓆏ofessional technology to complete the construction of concrete caisson.

2. Downward excavation applies to 🐓the area with height limit.

3. Professional drainage and waterproof design.

4. Average time of vehicles’ moving in and out ಌis 90s.

Augmented Product - round shape PCS

Unique type and technology:

1. PCS round tower parking system has no elongated horizontal roadway, but multi-layer cylindrical structure. Parking spaces are arranged with a radial type along the circumference on ๊eac🀅h layer, and each layer can accommodate 8 parking spaces.

2. The main engine makes three-dimensional m𒉰ovements, that is, going up and down, roജtation and access.

3. No parking plate, use of robot hanꩲd, fast access&nꦏbsp;to the car and large capacity.

4. The number of entrance and exit can be expanded to improve the ✤opera🧜tional efficiency.

Augmented Product - comb shape PCS

Unique type and technology:

1. Use the comb frame to exchan🍃ge mechanism to improve efficiency and save cost.

1. As a carrying mechanism for parking vehicl﷽ﷺe, the comb frame can load 2350kg weight of car.

3. Set up automatic centering mechanism for vehicle’s automatic rectification to ensure ꦓsmooth operation.

Augmented Product - PCS comb shape with big trolley

Unique type and technology:

💛1. Ho൲isting system uses big ;trolley mechanism, and each layer can accommodate 12 vehicles.

2. The trolley uses comb frame.

3. At the entrance, set a automatic centering mechanism, with automatic vehicle deviation correction, to ensur𝓀e the smooth operation.

Augmented Product - PCS robot hand with big trolley

Unique type and technology:

1. Hoisting system uses big trolley mechanism, and each layer can accommodate 12 ve൩hicles.

2. The trolley uses robot hand.

3. At the e✤ntrance, set a automatic centering mechanism, with automatic vehicle deviation correction, to ensure the smooth operation.

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