PXD Stacker Type

Aisle stacker is equipped in the center of bilateral berths, and the entire operation of the parking system is completed by the stacker and the carrier. When a car goes into the parking system, the car stops at in-out parking system pedestal, the stacking machine walks and lifts in the laneway after it takes off the car from in-out parking system pedestal, and carries the car beside the parking space in the designated layer, then the carrier on the stacking machine puts the car into the parking space from the stacking machine. The stacking machine uses advanced technology for🔴 seamless integration of the lifting and walking systems, and it is equipped with frequency conversion control system, using a laser range finder to walk and locate, using optical wireless communication signal transmission to realize the function of lifting while walking in order to save time, reduce energy consumption and maximize space utilization.

Features of equipment:

1. Layout form: flexible layout, entrances and exits can be at♏ the top, middle or bottom.

2. Intelligent management: combined with the actual environment to set up a variety of entrances and exits to facilitate vehicle access; after vehi💜cles stop at the entrance and exits of the parking system, staff can leave. Docking license plate belongs to the controlled 🌼system and charge management system function.

3. Security: the system can automatically identify the persons in the parking system, when there is no one in t✱he parking system, th🥂e system can start, safe and reliable.

4. Green and environmental protection: it can be designed as a separate steel structure building, and also can be integrated with the building, both practical and beautiful, enhancing🔯 the architectural taste and value.

5. Use of touch screen configuration control can monitor the runni༺ng condition of the parking system in all di💦rections.

Manipulator - PXD

Features of equipment:

1. There 𝄹is no steel parking platform♏ on the parking place but only steel plain form, thus making it with high efficiency and relatively low cost.

2. Net height of the parking lay𒀰er only n൩eeds 1700mm.

3. Mode of transport selects manipꦡulator holding type, wi🍰th the characteristics of high system integration, fast handling speed, low failure rate, etc.

Using ultra-thin ﷽manipulator independently developed by our company (the international patent for invention) to achieve free access of the car whose base plate is more than 110mm.

4. In case of a system exception, maintenance 🃏personnel can timely manually take the car, not affecti♔ng the driver’s travel.

Steel tray - PXD

Features of equipment:

1🌼. There is steel tray on the parking place, so it can be used as a charging parking space.

2. It can be used for traversing carri꧃age and longitudinal delivery, longitudinal carriage and transverse delivery.

3. It has two kind✱s of technologies: friction wheel and hook and pull.

Comb type - PXD

Features of equipment:

1. Use the comb frame to exchange car acces𝔉ඣsing mechanism to improve efficiency and save cost.

2. As a carry♒ing mechanism for parking vehicl🦩es, the comb frame can load 2350kg.

3. Set up automatic centering mechanismಞ for vehicle’s automatic rectification to ensure sꦏmooth operation.

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