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Linping Comprehensive Manufacturing Base

Linping comprehensive manufacturing base consists of elevator manufacturing base, parking equipment manufacturing base and national elevator product quality inspection center. The elevator and parking equipment manufacturing base is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone. It is a comprehensive manufacturing base covering the research, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service of elevators and parking systems. Occupying a land area of 106,772 square meters, the park has a 120m high elevator testing tower, a comprehensiv🌠e production workshop, an office building, which offers a good business environment. The National Elevator Product Quality Inspection Center is located in Linping New Town, and is a multiple purpose complex for elevator research and testing, office building, and serviced apartments.

Elevator Manufacturing Base

Park Environment

The elevator manufacturing base provides a nice environment. It has an administration building, business building, research and development center, intelligent manufacturing center, training center, elevator testing tower, recreatio๊n bar, outside lawn, water ne🙈ighboring garden, and garden-like scenes.


The Manufacturing Center

The manufacturing center of elevator base introduces internationally most advanced inte꧂lligent manufacturing facilities, creates world-leading automatic production line。

自动生成线.jpgR & D Center

R & D Center of Elevator base u♍tilizes advanced data communication technology, connects seamless with MES (Manufacturing Execution System), which puts the productive process under real-time and transparent supervisory system, realizes supermatic control of Industry 4.0. Therefore, the production is more precise and efficient, and production performance and production cycle is fully guara🌌nteed.

研发能力.jpg研发2.jpgEmployee Training Center

The elevator manufacturing base has an employee training cen☂ter, including a lecture room, workshop mockup, tooling hand-on practice venue, etc.

西奥大学.jpg实习.jpgConference center

The conference center in the park includes a 300-people report h❀all, a banquet hall, VIP ꦯroom, multiple small and medium-sized meeting rooms and rest rooms, which are all well equipped in terms of technology and service, suitable for different scale meetings, banquets and other events.

会议中心2 (2).jpg会议中心2.jpgBusiness center

Linping elevator  manufacturing bas♐e has a high-end business center, which includes a dinning room, reception room,🅘 recreation bar, etc, capable of meeting various reception needs.

商务接待.jpgParking System Manufacturing Base

Linping parking system manufacturing base is the parking sy🙈stem research and manufacturing base of Xizi Intelligent Parking System Co., Ltd. The base has advanced specialized automation production line and large sophisticated devices.

Manufacturing Center

The parking system manufacturing ♏base has large modern intelligent manufacturing equipment, and lean production assemblꩲy line.

石川岛厂房.jpg装配线.jpg22.jpgR & D Center

The R & D center of parking system manufacturing base is an important cornerstone of the company's operation and development including a medium and senior technicians team is more than 80 people. It also has import and export rights and supply 9 categories of products covering 90 types in current parking system industry.

研发.jpgTesting Center

The parking system manufacturing base has a nationally leading parking system product testing center, which has multiple internationally famous testing devices, and quite a few professꦇional testing engineers.

石川岛测试.jpgLogistics Centre

The parking system manufacturing base has a logistics center, which is equipped with advanced devices of automatic drive-in and drive-out, bar recogꦗnition, etc, enabling safe and fast parking services to the customers.

11.jpgNational Elevator Product Qu♊🍸ality Inspection Center

On May 29, 2015, unveiling✤ ceremony was held for the “National Elevator Product Quality Inspection Center (Zhejiang)” Linping Base, approved by State Quality Inspection Bureau and Certification and Accreditation Administration of China. Xizi elevator super hiꦓgh speed testing tower is 208m in height and is built with a total investment of RMB106 million.


Xizi United Holdings Limited

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